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Corinna Fisher

Great to have Nashville back on UK TV screens after almost a years' wait and all the drama about the cancellation and then the re-instating of the show in the US. We're picking up the first episode of season 4 on a new channel (Sky Living) and the story line is set one month after the end of season 3.

Deacon has had his liver transplant and seems all fine and well, although worried about his sister Beverley, who suffered an aneurism after the donor operation and is now in a coma. We finally see Rayna and Deacon as a couple which is great. Juliette seems to have lost herself in partying and performing under her new label with Luke Wheeler and is not interested in her husband or baby at all and does not accept any help.

Avery meanwhile spends time with his parents and is thinking about his future. Scarlett and Gunnar (with new hairstyle) share a close moment while rehearsing a new song in his studio (great song 'Wake me when it's over'). Will is struggling to belong after his coming out.

Overall a good if slightly slow start to the new season, which could have benefited from a few more songs.

Shelly Noble

The new series of Nashville started with a bang! One month on from where we last left off, and life seems to be as complicated as ever for our favourite singer/songwriters. Firstly, the good news - Deacon's still with us!!!!!

As for the bad news - well that covers just about everyone else - Will's still struggling after deciding to come out, Layla's still ever the bridesmaid, Teddy is still in prison, Juliette is out on tour spiralling out of control whilst Avery is left at home holding the baby, Rayna's label is dropping acts quicker than a hot potato, and much to my dismay Scarlett and Gunnar are still not together!

Why in heavens not I hear you cry?! That darn vintage necklace buying doctor boyfriend and the fact she's a fool are my best guesses - plus the writers must know the will they/won't they story is one of the reasons I (and many other viewers) tune in every week. The chemistry between these two is usually my fave part of any episode but this week that honour goes to Juliette's "best friend" who let us all know that "old friends are cool!" Can't wait til next week!!


Steven Wilshaw

So, Nashville season four finally hit the uk last night. We start with seeing Juliette back on top...album, film, concert tour she's the ultimate idol again. Hayden plays the torment so well it's riveting to watch, and I love the relationship between herself and Rayna.

The downward spiral is gonna be tough, I just know it! The Scarlett and Gunner duet "You Only Wake Up When It's Over" spoke to quite a few characters.  A great song brilliantly performed by the two of them.


Chloe Barber

"Finally the wait is over and Nashville is back on UK screens. After the cancellation and revival in the States, it's nice to finally see the show back and know that it is staying!

The biggest relief in this season opener was ....Deacon is alive! I would never have forgiven the writers if they had killed him off.

Juliette is back to her old self. For me, she is the biggest character on this show and Hayden plays her brilliantly. The highlight of this episode was her performance of 'Crazy' with Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler is the first of many famous guest stars to appear this season. The song worked really well with both his and Hayden's voices. Whilst Juliette is off performing and partying as she does best, Avery has been left alone with baby Cadence. This episode sees him move in with Will and Gunnar which creates an interesting three men and a baby scenario!

Will is still struggling with his sexuality, something which I hope he overcomes this season. Scarlett and Gunnar share a kiss (finally!) only for her to leave saying she loves Caleb.

Overall a good start to the season, building up plenty of drama. It's good to have it back."


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